Let's Make the World Awesome

Conceived  •  Edited

People all over the world have been doing some incredible things. Inspired by Google's "Year in Review" commercials, I decided to create my own video that highlights some of the amazing moments and people shared on the internet.

The FLI Side of Princeton

Conceived  •  Filmed  •  Edited

I'm so grateful to the FLI students who shared their stories and enabled me to make this short film for my documentary film class. There were so many incredible conversations that I was unable to fit into this film, but my hope is that what is included has helped create more meaningful discussions about socioeconomic diversity at Princeton.

Do You Know Your City?CitySquare Social Media Campaign

Conceived  •  Filmed  •  Edited

After receiving the John C. Bogle '51 Fellows in Civic Service Award from Princeton University, I partnered with CitySquare in Dallas, Texas to produce a multi-video awareness campaign that documents poverty and shares the stories of those who have been affected by it. Click here to view the videos shared by CitySquare on Facebook.

Part 1 - The Anguish

Part 2 - Housing

Part 3 - Food

Part 4 - Employment

Part 5 - TRAC

Inside the Princeton Bake Shop

Co-filmed  •  Edited

Though I had to wake up at 3:30 a.m. it was definitely worth it to film and create this video about the amazing Princeton Bake Shop staff. This video was made as part of my involvment with the Princeton student video journalism group 1080princeton.